Why you should think twice before accepting a job

“The employee chooses”, you sometimes hear HR managers say. Certainly, in sectors such as healthcare, IT and technology, and production, this is a fait accompli due to the shortage on the market. Yet many applicants have the incorrigible tendency to jump immediately as soon as they are offered a job.

These are already some reasons why you better ask for some time to think.

Avoid the painful sobering

Finding the right match is extremely important. Do you not think carefully beforehand about where and the circumstances in which you will spend your 40 working hours per week? Then there is a chance that reality is disappointing and that you will be looking for a dismissal within the foreseeable future. Not pleasant for the parties involved and it costs a lot of money and energy. No matter how frightening it may be, it might be better to have a job where you only feel bad vibes pass by.

Different philosophy

Easier said than done, because how do you discover whether a job really suits you? To find out if there is a good match on your part, it is important that you ask specific questions during the application process. Think especially of the things that are important to you; a good work-life balance for example, or attention to team building, the fringe benefits, and career opportunities, and so on. This way you can test whether you agree with the general corporate philosophy.

Tips: 1 in 3 applicants rarely get a response, and that causes serious damage to employers

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You do not get the best picture of your possible future employer by digging through the website or bombarding the recruiter with questions. After all, they will, just like you in your CV, present things as brightly as possible. So start by focusing all your senses when you enter a company.

Why you should think twice before accepting a job

What do you think about the layout of the office? How do staff treat you and each other? Do they look happy and enthusiastic, or do they rather look tired, stressed or bored? A subsequent option is to question the (former) employees of your potential new employer about the atmosphere in the workplace or certain issues that exist there. If you do not know anyone personally, you can always try to evoke reactions via social media (LinkedIn).

Large turnover

In addition, try to find out who your predecessor (s) was/were and why they left the company. This often says a lot about the working conditions. It depends a bit on the sector and the type of job, but as a rule, a large turnover is always a bad sign.

In bad papers

Furthermore, it is important to do research into the financial health of the company that wants to trap you. It may be about your dream job, but if the company balances on the brink of bankruptcy, the fairy tale will not last long. Then you will be on the street again in no time. You can consult the annual accounts of companies online via the National Bank’s balance sheet center.

Missed opportunities

Choosing is losing, popular wisdom teaches us. By signing immediately with the first employer, you close the door for many other opportunities. Moreover, once you are working full time somewhere, it is a lot less obvious to make time to look even further for a job that is written on your body. There is also the risk that you will get used to the situation (and your wages) over time and get stuck in a place that is actually not for you.

TIP: Will you soon be working for a new employer? Before you put your signature, you must be well aware of what is stated in the employment contract.

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