World Cup 2022/ Algeria wants to replay the match against Cameroon

The Algerians are trying everything for everything to still dream of qualifying for the World Cup. Eliminated on the wire by a valiant Cameroonian team, the Algerians claim to have been wronged by the refereeing body. So they want to replay the game.

Bad players or desperados trying their last stand? The Algerians have not yet digested their incredible elimination from the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. In Algiers, there is a slim hope of seeing the match being replayed and hoping for this qualification. To do this, Algeria asks FIFA to resume the match against Cameroon.

It is the Algerian sports newspaper, the Gazette du Fennec which reveals it. The request would have been sent following a federal office of the Algerian Football Federation in the hours that followed, specifies the Algerian sports site. Since Thursday, March 30, Algeria has therefore seized FIFA to complain about refereeing errors that would have tarnished the credibility of the match against Cameroon.

I say it today without fear: these referees do not respect our country. They come here, see our work and don’t respect us. In the last two years, I haven’t seen a single referee who isn’t aggressive when you come to talk to him. I’m not looking for excuses, these are facts

“, already belched the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, after the elimination of the Fennecs.

However, all the lucid actors of Football insist on the fact that Algeria has illusions. Indeed, for them, this request made to Fifa cannot succeed. In its regulations, FIFA specifies that “ the decisions of the referee on facts in relation to the game are final, including the validation of a goal and the result of a match”. However, it is precisely the arbitration decisions that are contested. If Algeria thinks of Tunisia-Mali to hope, they are also reminded that in 2009, Thierry Henry’s hand was not whistled and no one came back to the incident…

In November 2009, despite the controversy linked to the hand of Thierry Henry, at the origin of the goal of William Gallas during the France-Ireland return dam (1-1, ap), FIFA had very quickly closed the file. A precedent that leaves almost no hope to Algerian supporters.

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