You also earn the most in these jobs in 2020

Are we looking for a job with a better salary? Need inspiration for your study choice? These are the ten professional groups with the highest average gross monthly wages.

1. Director

If you become a director of a large company, you can count on an average monthly wage of no less than 10,000 dollars

2. Manager

Managers can also count on an excellent monthly wage, although that is not the same in every sector. An IT manager earns the most. That is 7,000 dollars in administration and business services and 6,000 dollars in sales, marketing, and R&D. There are also 6,000 dollars for managers in industry, construction, and logistics and $5,000 for their colleagues in the retail and wholesale trade.

3. Mathematician

A mathematical nodule can help you get a good wage. Mathematicians and statisticians earn an average of $5,000 per month.

4. Chemist

It is generally known that the chemical industry is a sector in which higher wages are often paid. The average salary of a chemist is 5,550 dollars. Physicists also come to that amount.

5. Engineer

Engineers are not only sought after on the labor market, but they also receive a decent wage. The average monthly salary is $5,000. For electrical engineers, that is a little higher ($5,300).

6. Lawyer

After the managers, exact scientists and engineers come the lawyers. They earn an average of 5,100 dollars per month.

7. Financial analyst

In finance, you will also find some professions with a decent monthly wage. Account managers, accounting executives, business analysts, and investment advisers earn an average of 5,020 dollars per month.

8. HR specialist

Human resources policy advisers and specialists earn an average of 4,959 dollars per month.

9. Social scientist

Exact scientists score higher in this list, but the claim that you earn poorly as a social scientist is incorrect. Economists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, and psychologists earn an average of $4,912 per month.

10. Software developer

The top 10 is concluded by the software and application developers and analysts. They earn an average monthly wage of 4,783 dollars.

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