You often get these 5 classic questions during the job interview

During a job interview, you naturally want to make the best possible impression. The secret to success? A good preparation! From many labor market experts, I summarized questions recruiters ask most often. So you can already start thinking about your answers.

1. “Do you know our company a little bit?”

For your application, look up as much information as possible about the company where you will be interviewed. Read through their website so that you know what the core activities are, but don’t forget to also take a look at social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You can usually collect fun facts there.

Another tip: find out what your potential employer was last in the news with (Google News is your friend). This way you show that you are also up to date with the latest developments.

2. “Describe yourself in one word”

It is not obvious to anyone to summarize the essence of his/her personality in one word. Feel free to call on the help of family and friends to find the best answer to that question. How would they describe you? Are you very helpful in their eyes? Empathic? Perfectionist? Straightforward? Choose a quality that you can still somehow link to the job for which you are applying. Nice that your mom and your best friend find you very sporty or stylish, but in the context of a job search this is of course only relevant if you happen to want to work in the sports or fashion industry.

3. “Why are you the right person for this job?”

The trick here is to give a self-confident answer and yet not to be arrogant. So don’t say, “Because I’m the best” or “I don’t know, maybe because I live in the neighborhood?” Here too, list your strengths in advance and consider how your strengths match your vacancy.

Do you see opportunities in the open job to further develop yourself? That is another reason why you are the right person for the position! Because if you are eager to learn and enthusiastic, that is a win-win for you and for the company.

4. “Why did you have to leave your previous employer?”

Whatever the situation, never speak badly about your previous employer. That is anything but professional. You can answer that your previous job did not suit you completely, or that your values no longer correspond with those of your former company. Or say that you thought it was time for a new challenge because you learned little or couldn’t continue to grow. Your answer must be in line with reality. For example, if there has been a conflict, be honest, without going into it. Chances are that the recruiter will still discover it during a reference check.

5. “Do you have any questions?”

It used to be the habit that the recruiter fired one question after another. Nowadays, applications look more and more like real interviews, in which both parties enter into dialogue with each other. In the course of your application, you will therefore probably have a lot of options for asking questions yourself. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Someone who does not ask any questions appears uninterested. You can possibly check how it is that the vacancy for which you are applying is open or what the career opportunities are. Only questions about vacations are a no go during a first interview. Wait for mentioning pay until the recruiter gives a pass in that direction.

TIPS: Do you want to make a good impression during your first interview? You can get the guidelines now!

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