Zinedine Zidane soon to be a grandfather: his daughter-in-law reveals her very round belly in pictures

After announcing the pregnancy of his fiancée Karen two months ago, Enzo Zidane should soon become a dad if we look at the last story of the young woman. Zinedine Zidane’s daughter-in-law has a very round belly just a few weeks before giving birth.

After winning all possible trophies on the soccer fields, is about to get a new role outside, that of grandfather! The former star of the France team, world champion in 98 alongside Bixente Lizarazu and Didier Deschamps, succeeded in his conversion brilliantly. Having become one of the best coaches on the planet, he is currently without a club, but Paris Saint-Germain have been eyeing him for quite a while. While waiting to find a job, the 49-year-old legend takes advantage of his family and in particular his four children, all of whom have become excellent footballers.

Returning to France near Rodez, the eldest of the siblings, Enzo, is a happy man on and off the pitch. In a relationship with the beautiful Karen Goncalves, the 27-year-old footballer is about to become a dad for the first time. On January 31, he revealed the news and for Valentine’s Day he celebrated the 6 months of pregnancy of his lover, which means that we are slowly approaching the deadline. On her Instagram account, the discreet Karen has just published a short video that leaves little doubt about the proximity of childbirth.

Only a few more weeks before giving birth

On the looped video, we can see her, dressed all in white and which reveals her round belly in front of a large mirror. She adds the hashtag “33 weeks”, which means that she is now more than 8 months pregnant, so she only has a few weeks, if not days, left before giving birth to the couple’s first child. Radiant and smiling, Karen Gonçalves seems calm and happy as the deadline is fast approaching.

The very good news should therefore not take too long for Zinedine Zidane, who will soon become a grandfather for the first time at only 49 years old!

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